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Board of Directors Meeting Notice 
Notice of Executive and Regular Meetings of the Board November 9, 2016 - 9/15/2016   New!
The next Regular and Executive Session of the Board of Directors will be Wednesday, November 9, 2016. Executive Session at 5:30 pm, a closed meeting to the members. Regular Meeting at 6:30 pm, open meeting. Homeowners are invited to attend the regular meeting. Location for all meetings: 3141 Michelson Dr., East Tower, Lounge. Thank you
posted: 9/15/2016
New Manager's Messages 
New Emergency Key Rule & Offer of LockBox Program at Marquee - 9/21/2016   New!


Envelopes, Rental Checks or Keys, Etc.

 No Longer Received at Front Desk!


The Front Desk will no longer receive any items for the purpose of transferring to another person. This includes any envelopes, rental checks, cash money or keys due to the tremendous liability for the Association. 


To address the key issue, we are introducing a new Lock Box Rental Program here at Marquee.  You can “rent” a lockbox to place your keys in for a fee of $25 per year that will be stationed inside the Marquee concierge room for anyone that you have approved to use your front door key.


Please be advised that it will not be the Association’s responsibility to ensure that the key(s) are checked out or returned to the lockbox.  


If you are interested in this program, please speak to a front desk associate about the new lock box rental program. 

posted: 9/21/2016
New Board Appointments September 14, 2016 -9/15/2016   New!
Proposed Operating Rules Board Meeting September 21, 2016 - 8/24/2016