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Diana Wright, CCAM, PCAM
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Dolores Fernandez
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Board of Directors Meeting Notice 
Notice of Next Executive and Regular Meetings of the Marquee Board of Directors Sept. 9th - 7/9/2015  

The next Regular and Executive Session of the Board of Directors will be held Wednesday, September 9, 2015. Executive Session at 5:30 pm, a closed meeting to the members. Regular Meeting at 6:30 pm, open meeting. Homeowners are invited to attend the regular meeting. Location for all meetings: 3141 Michelson Dr., East Tower, Lounge. Thank you.

posted: 7/9/2015
New Manager's Messages 
Marquee Hisotrical Information on Assessments and Occupancy - 7/29/2015   New!
Disclaimer:  This information is based only on move ins and move outs observed here at Marquee Park Place and is not recognized as a supplement for a Certificate of Occupancy that is required for an escrow sale or purchase of a unit.  

As of 7/2/2010                             As of 7/2/2014                              As of 7/2/2015

Vacant 20.269%                       Vacant 8.19%                             Vacant 10.34%

Owner Occupied 40.09%       Owner Occupied 44.40%          Owner Occupied 46.12%

Tenant Occupied 39.66%      Tenant Occupied 47.41%       Tenant Occupied 43.53%

Total Occupied 79.75%          Total Occupied 91.81%           Total Occupied 89.66%

posted: 7/29/2015
Marquee Park Place Pool and Spa Rules - 7/21/2015   New!
Regular Board Meeting Minutes March 11th and May 13th Approved and Posted - 7/14/2015