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Marquee's Mandatory Emergency Key Program - 4/25/2017


 The Board of Directors of the Marquee Park Place Homeowners Association approved an “Emergency Key Program” that will apply to all owners and owner’s tenants.

What does this mean to you?  Marquee Park Place requires that each owner and resident of Marquee provide the Management Office with a key to your home.

How will my key be safe?  Marquee has invested in a key safe program called HandyTrac. This system is used in many high rise properties and provides a locked key box that can only be accessed through a software program that identifies access cards and codes.  It also changes the location of the key every time it is checked out. In addition, the software provides a record of each person that accessed the key for the emergency when used so there will be an available print out report for the record.

Why now? We’ve never had to give the Association our key before!  The building is getting older and some unit owners are not paying attention to the maintenance required in their homes. Our intention for this program is to assist you in protecting your home if and when we are faced with an emergency.  It is important to understand that, given the nature of high-rise building living, even a minor leak may cause a significant amount of damage, not only to your residence, but to those homes below and/or beside you as well. And you may be financially responsible for paying for the repairs and damages if the water originated from an element in your unit.  Even if you are performing all the required maintenance to your own unit, some of your neighbors may have leaks that flow into your unit while you are not reachable. Also, what about those times you have left something in the oven, forgot to turn off the stove and left?  Fires can happen! In these types of occurrences every minute is crucial, and having immediate access to your home could dramatically decrease damages to your home and those of your neighbors.

Is it legal to require the residents to provide the Association a key to their unit?  Legally, the Association has the authority to adopt reasonable rules for the safety and protection of the buildings and the residents. There is a very rational and reasonable basis for the Association to have a key for emergency access to the unit.  The rule does not violate any kind of public policy and it is equally applicable to all owners.  Finally, the benefit of the rule outweighs the burden to the owner to provide their key. This all means that the Association is acting legally and reasonably.

Please be advised that this key will not be available to sign out or borrowed at any time by family members, guests, realtors or vendors for your property, but will always remain in a secured locked box maintained by and used only by management.

Participating in this program is mandatory.  Per Article 4, Section 4.4.5 of the CC&R’s permission is granted to the managing agent to enter your unit in case of emergencies.  If an emergency situation arises while you are not home and no emergency key is on file, a locksmith will be called to assist in unit entry and the homeowner will be responsible for all fees.

Please join the “Emergency Key Program” by May 1, 2017 in order to avoid non-compliance

Spring and Summertime Homeowner Maintenance Tips - 4/19/2017


Heat Pump and AC Units – You are all ready to turn on your AC units and it doesn’t work efficiently, why? Change your filters regardless if you run your system and perform the required annual maintenance on your units.

Booster Switch – Why does it take so long for my clothes to dry? Use your dryer’s booster switch every time you use your dryer.  Do not run the dryer if the booster switch does not work.

Dryer Vent Clean Out – The vents are located just above the dryer.  Vents must be cleaned every two weeks.

Toilet Supply Lines and Hot/Cold Water – If you are not getting cold or hot water from your faucets, or shower heads, make sure to contact the plumber right away.  You may need to replace the cartridge.  Remember, replace the toilet and sink supply lines.

Vacation – When leaving on vacation, make sure to turn your water off inside your unit.

Contact the Front Desk  at  (949) 250-5785 for a referral.  Thank you!

Celebrating Springtime in the O.C. - 4/13/2017

Easter Eggstravaganza—Irvine Park and Railroad.  Come join Irvine Park and Railroad for there Easter Eggstravaganza! Are you looking for a fun Easter outing for the entire family?  Then take them to the Irvine Park Railroad’s annual Easter Eggstravagnza March 25 through April 15 in Orange, California! This event will be conducted inside the Locomotive Loop where you can take a train ride with the Easter Bunny. Enjoy all the activities from face painting , the Easter Egg Hunt, hay rides and more. Don’t forget to have your picture taken with the Easter Bunny before departing.  Please go to www.irvineparkrailroad.com for times and prices.

Restaurants for Easter Brunch– Sunday April 16th 

Blue Water Grill-Newport Beach Arches on the Water-Newport Beach

630 Lido Park Dr. (949) 675-3474 Lafayette Rd. 949-673-1204

Rusty Pelican—Newport Beach Bayside Restaurant-Newport Beach

PCH—949-642-3431 Bayside Dr., 949-721-1222

Coliseum Pool & Grill

The Resort at Pelican Hill

Pelican Hill Rd. S. (Newport Coast Dr.)


Ramos House Cafe

Los Rios Historic District-San Juan Capistrano



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