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Parking Garage Cleaning Schedule

Garage Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Performed Fridays 9AM-1PM

Please be aware of the following schedule for cleaning in the parking garage. We ask that you note when your parking stall is scheduled to be cleaned. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR ONE DAY VISITOR LEVEL PASS FOR YOUR GARAGE SPACES CLEANING.

Parking Stalls                                                      Date:

P1: 216-237, 260-266, 324-339                              5/17

P2: 1-29, 118-143                                                  5/24

P2: 97-117, 144-172                                              5/31

P2: 30-48, 69-83                                                   6/7

P2: 49-68, 84-96                                                   6/14

L2: 458-489                                                          6/21

L2: 490-511, 551-563                                            6/28

L2: 512-550                                                          7/5

P1: 267-273, 304-323, 340-357                              7/12

P1: 173-194, 274-303                                            7/19

P1: 195-215, 238-259                                            7/26

Thank you for your help

West Tower Window Washing

We are happy to announce that Orange Coast Commercial Cleaning will begin window washing for the West Tower on Monday, April 15th, starting on the -01 stack and moving clock- wise around the building. We anticipate the window washing to take approximately 3 weeks to complete the tower. In prior years, we provided Residents with a schedule of the cleaning, but due to unforeseen wind or rain, we are unable to anticipate the exact day and time your windows will be cleaned. Please keep this in mind as you may want to close your windows and draw your window covers for privacy.

Orange Coast Commercial Cleaning will also be offering balcony cleaning services for an additional cost. If you wish to get your balcony windows cleaned, please contact Dan Pavlik directly at (949) 212-3390 or at

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the front office.

Take care,

Marquee Park Place Management Team

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Springtime Maintenance Tips


Heat Pump and AC Units – We recommend changing out your filters every 3-6 months regardless if you run your system.

Booster Switch – Make sure you are using the booster switch every time you use your dryer. The booster switch helps to move moisture through your air ducts.  Do not run your dryer if the booster switch is not working.

Dryer Vent Clean Out – The vents are located just above the dryer. Blockage in the air ducts may result in improper moisture evaporation, which can lead to leaks. It is recommended that the vents get cleaned out monthly.

Smoke Detectors– Make sure to check that the green light is always on. Batteries should be changed out at least 2 times a year.

Vacation – When leaving on vacation, make sure to turn your water off inside your unit. If you need assistance with this, please contact the front desk.

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